• cis person: why do you have to label everything :( why can't we just all be people :( why do you have to make divides between us :(
  • cis person: also seriously tho are you a Boy or a Girl

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see terms:

  • daddy issues
  • friend zoned
  • jail bait

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I think the real question is why should a girl shave, preen and diet herself into oblivion for a guy in sweatpants and a t shirt who hasn’t trimmed his pubes in 3 years

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It’s On Us: 

To RECOGNIZE that non-consensual sex is sexual assault.

To IDENTIFY situations in which sexual assault may occur.

To INTERVENE in situations where consent has not or cannot be given.

To CREATE an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported.

It’s On Us

Not Alone

hold up

a celebrity filled, gender-neutral, anti-sexual assault PSA?

and this isn’t a BuzzFeed parody?

I think I feel my heart growig three sizes

Hey, I do a lot of work related to sexual assault activism, and the other day I got to go to a roundtable with other student leaders from the area and two representatives from the White House who are heavily involved with this campaign. I’ve seen a lot of the internal materials for this campaign, and (with a few exceptions), they’ve done a great job with it. They’re also willing to learn and change when problematic things are pointed out to them, which is great. I’m looking forward to seeing how this campaign unfolds. Getting such public support from the White House gives so much momentum on this fight we’ve been fighting for so long.

"William wondered why he always disliked people who said ‘no offence meant’. Maybe it was because they found it easier to say ‘no offence meant’ than actually refrain from giving offence."
— Terry Pratchett - The Truth (via captainofalltheships)




When you crack your knuckles you hurt the skeleton inside you

Good, the skeleton needs to know that I am the alpha and I am in control.

Break your own bones to establish dominance over skeleton.

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i have to be funny because being hot is not an option